Install Multiple Programs With One Click – Save Your Time With Multi Software Installer

All My Apps

Installation of multiple programs on computer is really trouble for computer geeks. It time extensive and boring process. May you agreed with my views. It is most often happens when we install new operating system or we change our pc. Then we need to install our programs that we usually uses. Today while researching i come to know that there some software developed to install all your need programs at once. You not to install all programs individually.  I think this is a great way to save your time. Here are 3 different programs to install all your pregames with one click.

1. AllMyApps

A very useful software, its also free and open secure, user interface is very clear and simple. AllMyApps features a huge collection of popular and shareware software’s at one place. You can add applications like media players, instant messengers, runtimes, torrents, developer tools, utilities and more to the list to install on your computer. If you don’t want to get tired and wants to save time while equipping your computer with all the required programs after the installation of fresh Windows Operating system, then above listed program is waiting for you. It is a one single installer which installs all the other miscellaneous programs by itself.

Free Apps

2. FreeApps

FreeApps is similar to Ninite that allow to handpick applications from a huge list and lets you download a single setup file or installer for multiple programs. This installer will not download the complete setup file of all the software applications you selected.When you run the installer, it will download all the latest version of the programs in your computer and install them automatically. This is so amazing, just run the tiny program and it does all the hard work in the background.


3. Ninite

Ninite is a customizable program or an installer which installs all the programs that you selects by your own. So, whenever you reload your operating system, you just need to log on to its site, select all the programs that you want to install on your computer and click on the Get Installer button. You have now one installer for all that applications which you’ve been selected and it will download all applications for you.

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