How to Protect Email Address from Bots and Spammers!


If you use any type of email service, probably you are getting messages form unknown email address daily. With passing of time you might noticed that number  spam email are rising, these are spam emails, and spammer use them to promote their products. You can set email filters to avoid spam email. But if the numbers of spam email is to high then it would be harder to set filters. So why not start protection your email addresses form spammer today. This blog post will cover some of the things that you can do to protect your email address from spammers. These methods will help to cut down the amount of spam you get in your email inbox. Furthermore, these tips will help you save time and money as well!

First of all, you should knows that how spammers actually get your email address? Well guys! the most common way is spy-bots that crawl websites, forums, social networking sites. Most of these types of sites display their user’s email addresses publicly for the whole world to see. Therefore, these bots just crawl these sites and extract your email addresses. Many of these sites sell their collected email address for profit. Third party buy these email addresses. Once those third parties get the email list, they start sending you promotional offers. Since you didn’t sign up for their promotions, this is plain outright spanning. Never use the unsubscribe link at the bottom of their email, because you are just confirming your e-mail address is valid.

Here is list steps you can take to protect your email address.

  1. If you display your email address on your web site, Bots recognize email address from symbol “@”, So you’ll need to write it in a different manner. Such as, yourname[at]Email Service[dot]com or yourname[at] to prevent bots from harvesting your email address. “Please remember to replace the name and domain with your information. “You should never use the “@” symbol to display your address on your website!
  2. You can always convert your email address into an image that is visible to humans and not bots. There are many online services where you can convert your email address into an image. One of these services is
  3. You could simply create a Java Script to hide your email. Your information gets encrypted, therefore, preventing bots from reading your e-mail address.
  4. The modern method that people use these days is with a re CAPTCHA. However, the process requires too many steps to acquire your e-mail address. Therefore, you’ll prevent many people from contacting you.
  5. You can always set up an e-mail address such as, Your Name[at] to use when you sign up for offers. All you have to do is set up a filter that looks for “Your Name[at] in the email client and it gets marked as spam.

This information might be helpful for you to protect your email address form bots and Spammers. Make sure to share this with your friends. Furthermore, I appreciate your time that you have spent here!

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