How to Optimize 404 Error Page In WordPress


WordPress 404 page display when page or url is not existed on your site. Most of use user turned back when they got this message, and move to another site. To decrease bounce rate you can you can well optimize 404 page and offer related information or allow user to search in your site. By using this method you are saving your potential visitor, you are indirection help them to find out what they are looking for.  The object is, once the visitor are on your site, you want to do everything you can to keep them there. The easier you make things for your visitors, the better odds you have that they will use the additional search options on your customized 404 page.

All you need is to  add the following code to your 404 page (404 page mostly contain in theme directory).

Code to add to your 404 page:

[cc lang=”html”]

Page Not Found, Error 404

The page that you are looking for, no longer remains/exists on this site.

Perhaps you could find what you are looking for by searching our site archives!

Search by Page:

Search by Month:

Search by Category:


If you want to add additional Google search then put following too in 404 page.

Code to add for the Custom Google Search:

[cc lang=”html”]



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