Google Launches “Google Place” In Pakistan – Free Way To Promote Your Business

Google Places

Google bring very useful service In Pakistan. This new service called “Google Places”. It is free of charge web based service by Google where business owners can publishing all important and useful information for their customers and have it all layered out at top of world widely famous Google maps. It provides a comprehensive but most convenient dashboard to handle the business ownerships. Business owner can provide all important and useful information ranging from company name to contact numbers to their physical location on map. Not only this, you can add business timings, photos, videos and much more. Part of useful service is to create customized vouchers/coupons for those who reach you through Google Places, which can attract more and more customers to your business.

As local search is gaining more and more pace, how important is it to have good reviews about your business? You might have the best possible Google place showing up in the search results, but how would that convert customers for you if more and more people are speaking negative about you? Does your business really deserve negative reviews? We all like to places which are the best, but have you seen the real testimonials that your business is getting on Google Places?

Benefits to Business

Google is one of the most accessed services around the world. Business information once submitted to Google Places is then available from all of Google publically accessible services e.g. Google Earth, search, maps etc, With hundreds of visitors looking at these search results can simply boosts your business. Since your submitted information is verified by Google itself through their verification process so customers can trust the submitted information with no doubts.

Future of Google Place seem to be great. HTC introduce Google Place mobile application for their handsets. Soon this application will be available for other mobile phone. I think it is free great  service to attract potential customers for your business.

Move to Google Place.

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