Firebug Firefox Add-on For Web Developers – Every Web Designer Must Have!

Firebug WordPress add-on

Firebug it great firefox add-on. It is very useful new web designers and professionals as well. You can get wide range of benefits from this addo-on. Firebug to begin working. The F12 key is shortcut key to open and close Firebug panel. Firebug gives you a quick way to find and inspect HTML elements. Hit the Inspect button, point your mouse at any part of the page, and Firebug unveils its place in the live HTML source. Firebug also lets you increase or decrease the size of its fonts.

Key Features:

  • Monitor and analyze network performance, to understand what elements might be slowing your website down.
  • Select individual elements and get their style sheet.
  • Get CSS selectors, class, id, and span.
  • Inspect the HTML code by viewing the source of any page in real time, filtering specific elements and editing them if necessary.
  • Inspect and edit CSS and Javascript as well.
  • Test your pages to see if they contain errors, and debug them with the help of Firebug.
  • Use the Firebug rulers and and boxes to analyze and optimize the layout on your pages.
  • It’s worth a look, so check it out.

You can get Firebug add-on form here.

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