Display Facebook Status On WordPress Blog

Like to display facebook status on your wordpress blog? It could be done by wordpress plugin but here follow the steps given below. The method given below may also work well for self host WordPress blogs. For self hosting plug-ins are also available. This method makes use of Facebook status feed and WordPress RSS widget.

Step 1

First, login in to your Facebook account. Go on to Profile and search for Mini Feed column. Click on it view all the options.

Step 2

Click on the Status Stories on the right column in the Mini Feed. Scroll down to the bottom and search for “My Status”.

Status Stories How to: Display Facebook Status on a WordPress Blog

Step 3

You will find a link of My Status, copy that link and use it in your WordPress blog. The Link appears to be like:


Step 4 (WordPress)

In WordPress, go to WordPress admin, and then go to Design à Widget. Find RSS widget and add this to sidebar.

Step 5

After that paste the link that you copied from Facebook, inside the widget, give it a proper name and save it. You will now have your Facebook Status on your WordPress blog.

image via: techreaders.com

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