Block Popups In Firefox – Yes Popups Firefox Add-on to Block All Kind Of Popups


Are you tired from popups like me ? It is a way of online advertisement but average of internet user don’t like this kind of advertisement. You might noticed when you open some sites, automatically open new tabs, or windows that contains some ads. It is really very disturbing some site have more then one popup so it takes time to close all opened popups. Firefox have build-in option to block popups but it little effective some sites change their method of popups so they bypass firefox popup blocking mechanism. Some site’s still opening their popups after blocking. While searching i come across a firefox add-on to block popups called “Yes Popups“. I install this add-on in browser, this plugin really works, and block all unblackable popups. I will recommend to my all friends, they should once check this add-on.

Get firebox add-on Yes Popups

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